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Infinitely scalable ponies
Watch the episode in 1080p here:…


People usually get excited whenever a new episode comes out, and start making vectors of any pose/object/etc. that they found hilarious/interesting enough. It often results in various people unnecessarily doing the very same thing. Vector Reservations can help organize our efforts by listing who's working on what, to reduce the number of duplicates.


:bulletblue::bulletblue: 1) ALWAYS post about reservations and requests as a comment on this post in the following manner:

RESERVATION: [link to the screencap] - brief description of what you want to make


REQUEST: [link to the screencap] - brief description of what you want to see vectored

Suggested places to host images: (strongly recommended!),,

Remember that you MUST have an image to make a reservation! For the best quality, get your references from the episode in 1080p.

:bulletblue::bulletblue: 2) Making a reservation does NOT forbid other people from working on a pose anyway. It is only information that you are working on it, so other people can coordinate to avoid doing the same thing twice.

:bulletblue::bulletblue: 3) There are no time limits, but remember that the longer you wait, the greater the chance that someone might take your pose anyway. It's generally advised to finish your reservations before a new episode comes out.

:bulletblue::bulletblue: 4) The are no limits on the number of reservations you can make, but you need to remember about your own limits and what rule #3 says. It's generally advised not to take more than 3 reservations at a time.


:bulletgreen: by :icontryhardbrony: TryHardBrony - Golden Sweetie showing off
:bulletgreen: by :iconrainbowderp98: RainbowDerp98 - Scootadrum
:bulletgreen: by :iconryokohaze: RyokoHaze - Scootaloo on drums
:bulletgreen: by :iconsulyo: Sulyo - Applebloom's messy room background/scene
:bulletgreen: by :iconsulyo: Sulyo - Ponyville train station background/scene
:bulletgreen: by :iconsulyo: Sulyo - CMC Clubhouse background/scene
:bulletgreen: by :iconsairoch: Sairoch - Pinkie Pie panting
:bulletgreen:… by :iconfureox: Fureox - Golden Sweetie Belle
:bulletgreen: by :iconninga-bob: Ninga-Bob - CMC Action pose


:bulletred:… by :iconhourglass-vectors: Hourglass-Vectors - Grumpy Scootaloo
:bulletred:… by :iconyanoda: Yanoda - Adorable Sweetie Belle Drinking a Milkshake.
:bulletred:… by :iconrainbowderp98: RainbowDerp98 - Scootasad
:bulletred:… by :iconrainbowderp98: RainbowDerp98 - Scootaderp
:bulletred:… by :iconmehoep: mehoep -  Scootaloo: "look mom, i can fly!"
:bulletred:… by :iconparclytaxel: Parclytaxel - Smirking Diamond Tiara
:bulletred: vladimirmacholzraum.deviantart… by :iconvladimirmacholzraum: VladimirMacHolzraum - Rarity with opera glasses
:bulletred:… by :icondewlshock: DewlShock - Babs with milkshake and tomato
:bulletred:… by :iconthediscorded: thediscorded - Adorable Applebloom
:bulletred:… by :icontryhardbrony: TryHardBrony - Scootaloo with pencil in her mouth
:bulletred:… by :iconflutterguy317: flutterguy317 - Worried Applejack
:bulletred:… by :iconhourglass-vectors: Hourglass-Vectors - Pinkie Pie and spike
:bulletred:… by :iconhourglass-vectors: Hourglass-Vectors - Sweetie crying on Scootaloo and Applebloom
:bulletred:… by :iconfirestorm-can: Firestorm-CAN - Embarassed Babs Seed
:bulletred:… by :iconparclytaxel: Parclytaxel - CMC crying out
:bulletred: by :iconsulyo: Sulyo - Applebloom with dat fashonable outfit
:bulletred:… by :iconsoren-the-owl: Soren-the-Owl - Babs (looking forward/deciding)
:bulletred:… by :iconthediscorded: thediscorded - Worried CMC
:bulletred:… by :iconfirestorm-can: Firestorm-CAN - Curled up Applebloom
:bulletred:… by :iconfirestorm-can: Firestorm-CAN - Splattered CMC's
:bulletred:… by :icontollaner: Tollaner - CMC running from Babs Seed
:bulletred: by :iconrainbowplasma: RainbowPlasma - Scootaloo SMASH!
:bulletred:… by :iconpdpie: PDPie - CMC thinking spot
:bulletred:… by :iconrainbowplasma: RainbowPlasma - Bad Seed background
:bulletred:… by :iconlikonan: Likonan - Chilling Cherry Berry
:bulletred:… by :iconmidnight--blitz: Midnight--Blitz - CMC group hug
:bulletred:… by :iconcanon-lb: CaNoN-lb - CMC drinking milkshakes
:bulletred: by :iconfirestorm-can: Firestorm-CAN - Sweetie Belle's head hurts in the bath
:bulletred: by :iconsairoch: Sairoch - Pinkie Pie reclining
:bulletred:… by :iconflutterguy317: flutterguy317 - Thinking Sweetie Belle
:bulletred:… by :icongray--day: Gray--Day - Babs stepping out of a movie screen
:bulletred: by :iconfirestorm-can: Firestorm-CAN - Scootaloo's "Rage fly"
:bulletred: psychoanalyticbrony.deviantart… by :iconpsychoanalyticbrony: PsychoanalyticBrony - Not so evil looking Scootaloo



:bulletgreen: Random paisley pony
:bulletgreen: Sweetiejump
:bulletgreen: Blushing Babs Seed
:bulletgreen: Newly CMC Babs Seed


[None yet.]


:bulletred:… by :iconcloudshadezer0: CloudshadeZer0 - The Lakeside

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